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Foundations of Project Management

We have two strategies for delivering PMP Exam Preparation training depending on how much you want to compress the study preparation effort. These seminars can be provided to smaller groups that may find it easier to focus on the amount of material to cover. We can deliver these seminars in smaller facilities (even library meeting rooms) to reduce cost with fewer people to pay for attending this training course.

  • Corporate seminars can be structured as a blend of fast-track and boot-camp for smaller groups to accommodate the needs of the company while still delivering the preparation training to get project managers certified.

Make sure prospective candidates are registered as such with PMI before they start their preparation training. Based on the training dates they can then register with Prometric to take the exam soon after completing their training while they are fresh in PMBoK™ mode.

Our PMBoK™-based training sessions expect that the students will have their own book to work from – for copyright reasons it is not possible to cover the detailed material in notebooks, but we will provide supplemental information in notebooks that also refer back to the PMBoK™ release 5. Many of the knowledge areas overlap with the college-level business courses we offer, so our notes present a blend of PMBoK™ explanation and general academic information that supports what PMBoK™ asserts. We also offer a unique “Prometric Simulator” (written in Excel™) that randomizes the questions and times the exams just as the student will experience at Prometric (of course, it looks a bit different, but then we do not want to “steal” a proprietary design either. Needless to say, the drills you are provided through the test simulator will definitely top-up your adrenaline to take that exam with gusto.

PMP™ Exam Preparation       PMFP_PMP

This program is designed to complement the PMBOK self-study with review sessions and practice exams. The weeks between workshops are allocated to studying the PMBOK as recommended, and each study period is followed by a review session. The first part of the workshop is focused on exam strategies, and how to prepare for the exam. The last part is a review session designed to flush out any areas to be reviewed prior to the exam.

Study Group Option:

  • 4 full-day workshops held one week apart to prepare for the PMP exam, so that you can plan to sit the exam in just over 4 weeks after starting. We generally organize the workshops on Saturdays 09:00-17:00 with a 1 hour break, so that you have Sundays available for self-study. This requires us to go through the PMBOK at approximately 20 pages per hour: this is quite intensive, but you have the week following to review the PMBOK chapters for yourself.

Boot-Camp Option:

  • 4 full-day workshops held Monday-Thursday to prepare for the PMP exam, so that you can plan to sit the exam in just over 1 week after starting. The core training is done Monday – Thursday 09:00-17:00 with a 1 hour break, with Friday - Sunday available for self-study and PMBOK review. You may try to do an “exam cram” in order to take the exam on the next Monday if possible.

PMP™ Exam & PMBoK™ In-depth Training       PMFP_PBK

This is a detailed review of the PMBoK™ so that participants get into the “zone” and ready to sit the exam. The boot-camp option is a tough immersion session that requires you to take a week off to fully concentrate on your studies, and we recommend that you take the exam as soon as possible after you have completed the study. The reason is that the exam is based on a particular paradigm of “PMI-speak” that you have to adopt even if your workplace uses similar terminology but different from the PMBoK™ usage, so you do not lose marks by trying to think (and inevitably think about your workplace context).

  • Note that this course includes a courtesy version of our PMP Exam Simulation to help you prepare for (and stay sharp for) the actual Prometric® exam. For more information check what this option has to offer as well.

PROMPT (Project Management Pro Training)       PMFP_PRO

This course provides a highly theoretical foundation from a management science perspective, which we used to create the many tools and techniques documented in this catalog. We highly recommend that you first develop the foundation knowledge for project management and ideally to obtain your PMP as a prerequisite so that you will not overanalyze the PMP exam once you have taken PROMPT. The goal of this course is not exactly “how to”, but focused on “why” we do things in a certain way across different industries. This course presents advanced concepts in project management with a PMBoK™ derived tutorial and fundamental principles that apply to any kind of project management system. Our goal is to cover projects in CM Construction Management, BM Business Management, and IT Information Technology projects or process improvement initiatives, and to master concepts defined in the PMI-PMBoK™ standard used for project management world-wide.

PMP Exam Testing Simulation       PMFP_TST

For people who want to use self-study in order to master the PMI™ PMBoK™ in preparation for the exam, we have a simple guide to the PMBoK™ that explains the best way to pursue your studies in preparation for the exam. Our “PMP-exam 5th Edition Test Simulation” workbook is designed to simulate Prometric® type multiple choice testing using only an Excel-based macro process. An Excel™ workbook can run on any computer equipped with MS-Office, assuming that macro execution is enabled. If this workbook does not respond to clicking either function button illustrated below you must follow the instructions on setting the right security level to enable the VBA macro functionality. These materials are normally a part of the PMP Exam training we offer: we provide this testing simulation as a separate (low-cost) option for those that need it.