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Consumer Consulting Services

The seminars in this section are basic workshops that help attendees to grasp the opportunities they may have for providing valuable consumer consulting services based on courses they may have taken (or are planning to take). The purpose of these seminars is to help attendees to define those services that they are comfortable in providing, so that they can go out and market themselves as service providers. The skills that may be required for these consulting services are acquired by completing specific courses in our program: what the courses in this section add are individual business plans to help you establish an actual. Consumer Consulting Business opportunity. This can provide an ideal part-time retirement opportunity, to stay engaged, and to make money to top-up the retirement funds so you can afford to live longer.

Career Coaching Business Program       SECC_CCB

People are easily spooked by events that take place, and when stressed they are not in a position to take courses that would teach them how to overcome adversity. Our career coaching business shows you an opportunity to use the Career Management program knowledge you acquired to help those who find themselves in need to overcome the setbacks they have suffered. This course assumes you have already completed the Career Management program – here we focus on how to apply that knowledge in a self-employment opportunity that is aimed at providing a support group for people that find themselves out of a job.

Financial Planning & Budgeting Program       SECC_FPB

The top reason for why consumers run into financial problems is a lack of financial planning and budgeting skills. TV reality shows feature individuals that have spending problems, or that are unable to make ends meet, until they are given direction by the show host. Many people watch these shows to learn, rather than to relish in the misfortune of the show participants: they find it all too easy to identify with these problems. Over 80% of Canadians die without a will or other exit planning preparations. In many cases individuals are nervous about planning ahead because of the perceived cost of help in those areas (accountant fees, lawyer fees, etc.). The focus of this opportunity is to master the skills required to establish plans for clients that need help, and how to use our Excel™-based software to help sort out their financial situation.

Real Estate Purchase Planning Program       SECC_REP

Our point of view for real estate purchasing is that people just do not do enough due diligence but get carried away spending on an investment that is supposed to be for the long-run. The reality is that they can easily get in over their heads when they lose objectivity. Homes are selected based on paint colors – a gallon of paint costs less than $30 and it does not take that much effort to paint a new home in the colors you want before you move in. However, few prospected home owners study the grade of the subdivision to see where their future home may be located relative to rain run-off. Observe the old real estate adage of location, location, location, but let’s add a twist that makes it the benefits that the location provides in the long-run. People get emotionally involved, so that is your opportunity to take the emotion out of the equation to do a proper procurement study.

Life Coaching Business Program       SECC_LCB

This program is designed for people that have much natural empathy and a desire to help others to cope with major life events. Many individuals experience high levels of anxiety every time they are faced with tough decisions. Sometimes people need professional medical help, but often what is most needed is someone to act as a sounding board, to help them rationalize the decisions that are pending, to ensure these people are then ready to make those decisions, and to move on. The life coach provides those services in a neutral, non-judgmental manner: it is not about telling someone what to do, but guiding someone through their internal decision process to make sure they reach a decision, and above all to make sure they own that decision as they act on it.